Trip to Fukuoka,Japan

about us

Let's visit to Japan and experience Japan!

We operate accommodations using apartments.

Let’s feel Japanese.
Adventure in Asian Japan and experience an unknown life.
If you go to Japan and know the history of Japan, the Samurai Spirit, you will know the kindness and humility of the Japanese.
If you experience history in Dazaifu, nature in Itoshima, ramen in Nakasu, yakitori in Tenjin, fashion in Daimyo, you’ll love Hakata.
And you want to come to Fukuoka Japan again !

Guest house

Eta Inc. offers a very quiet and cheap space for everyone visiting Hakata (Fukuoka).
Enjoy your trip to Hakata (Fukuoka).



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We buy and sell used clothing, used furniture, used home appliances, game consoles, toys and housing equipment.

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