Enter The Room

There is a number key on the door.

Enter your PIN(The code will be sent by email.)

Turn the dial to the right.

The key is removed.

Put the removed key in the box behind the door.


Please take off your shoes at the entrance.
There is an electrical switch on the right side.
※The location of the switch changes depending on the room.


When you go out.
Close the entrance.

Set the key

Turn the dial to the left.

Change the number.

Service Items

There is Water.
(It is in the refrigerator.)

There is a toothbrush, razor and cotton swabs.

There are chopsticks, a straw, a spoon and a fork.

Use the facilities

There are facilities available in the room.
Please use these to stay comfortable in this room.
※The manufacturer of the device differs depending on the room.

There is a refrigerator and a microwave in the room.

Boil water with an electric kettle.

Glass, plate are prepared. Please use it freely.

Put a futon on when you go to bed

The futon is on the shelf.

Please take a futon using the chair

Watch TV

※The remote control differs depending on the room.

Remote control operation.

Turn on the television

Press this button【電源】

Change channel【チャンネル】

Adjust the volume【音量】

Use the air conditioner

※The remote control differs depending on the room.

Remote control operation.

Turn on cooling ★冷房★ In summer

Press this button【冷房】

Adjust the temperature【室温】

Japan is expressed in degrees Celsius.







Turn on heating ★暖房★ In winter

Press this button【暖房】

Turn off the air conditioner ★停止★

Press this button【停止】

Take a shower

Take a shower with electricity and ventilation fan.
※The switch position changes depending on the room.

Shower room electricity

Press this button

Ventilation fan switch

Press this button

Here are bath towels, towels and face towels.

Please take a bath mat.

At the exit of the shower room

★Caution★ Do not turn the red dial at the beginning.

Hot water comes out and burns.

First make sure that the lever is pointing to the left

First let out the water with the blue lever.

Next, let the hot water out with the red lever.

After adjusting to a good temperature, turn the lever to the right.

Hot water comes out of the shower.

Attention Please be careful about hot water.


Contains paper to wipe the toilet bowl.

We clean, but please wipe off people who are worried